Time flies, we are back! Back at this time of the year where the streets are full of lights, pine trees with red, white & gold ornaments and back to the famous “All I want for Christmas is you” with the amazing voice of Mariah Carey on every shop you go in.

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So yes, it was fast and we are back to Christmas and to the end of the year, but certainly, this is one of the best season’s of the year if not the best one. Is the time when we realize how much we actually went through and how much we learned from ourselves and from the people around us so that’s why this is the best moment to celebrate the most with the people you care about, the experiences lived through the year, but mainly to thank everybody for their teachings, so here is when we start talking about… Christmas Gifts!

GIFT.gifOh, this Christmas Gifts that we like because of that excitement that we feel when giving someone something you bought, making them know that they are important for you. It could be from something very small, even some DIY present, to something bigger than you’ve actually been planning on giving away since long time ago. But not everybody has the time to always plan everything and then it comes the rushing times when we go crazy thinking “Oh my god, I need the present for my mom, dad, for the cute boy next door, etc.” and then we have to say goodbye to our savings cause, one thing we can all agree is that as beautiful as this time of the year is, we all know that feeling when money flies cause good Christmas shopping for great prices…what a hard thing to do right?
But that’s when we do our bit by giving you a hand with a great Christmas Gift Idea!

Have you checked our Gift Vouchers? They are an amazing gift for any special occasion and what better moment to give someone the opportunity to travel to Italy than this one!
We have four vouchers and they can be used whenever you want! And the best thing, you can give from €50 up to €250!

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Give someone the opportunity to travel in Italy and for a great price!
Our target is always fun dynamic people that knows how to have fun while mingling with people from all over the world so it is a great gift.
The person you give this voucher to would be able to pick the perfect holiday in Italy with us! We organize tours to the top destinations in Italy.

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Check all details on our website and give that special person the opportunity to enjoy a holiday in Italy with us, and we would take care of everything!

For sure a gift that everybody would like!

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