Why You Should Visit Murano and Burano

Although Venice is one of the most visited cities in Italy, the islands on the Venetian Lagoon (Burano and Murano) are also must-visit spots on our trip.


Where is it and how to get there?

Burano is 7km away from Venice and is a 40 min ride from St.Mark’s square if you take the vaporetto, which is a the waterbus transport system in Venice.

The island is known for its brightly coloured homes ranging from bright yellow, pink, and orange. The reason behind the multicolour paint is unknown, however, many believe that the homes were painted in bold and distinct colours so that drunk sailors and fishermen would be able to find their way home upon returning to the island without accidentally entering onto a neighbours property. Others believe the colours were chosen so that fishermen would be able to identify the island through deep fog. Thick fog is quite common to see in the Venice area during the winter months, making it difficult to navigate the waters.

What is it famous for?

The island of Burano is famous for its lace production. Lacemaking dates back to the 1500s and the island even had its own lace school, where the works produced are exhibited in the islands Lace Museum.

What can you eat in Burano?

The island itself has many coffee shops and restaurants but if you want to try a local dish, then you need to try risotto de gò” which is a creamy risotto cooked with parmesan, butter, and chopped parsley along with goby fish, a species found in the waters of the Venetian islands.


Where is it?

Murano is an island located only 1.5 kilometres north of Venice and is easily accessible by vaporetto. The same waterbus will take you to Burano.

What is it famous for?

The island is famous for its glassmaking.

Historically, glassmaking began in Murano around 1200’s and the glassmakers on the island became part of Venice’s most acclaimed citizens. Nowadays, you can still visit modern glassmaking shops on the island and the factories found on the island are among the most important brands of glass in the world. You can also visit the Murano glass museum and check out some of the most historical pieces on display.

When to visit?

You can visit both Murano and Burano with Italy on a Budget tours. Our Mamma Mia tour will take you to Venice and both of the islands as well as other incredible cities in Italy. You can book the tour here.