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The 5 Best Places to Visit in Sicily

Why settle for the ordinary when Sicily’s shores beckon with fascinating tales from ancient history and natural wonders unlike those of anywhere else in Europe?  This Mediterranean jewel is more than just an island getaway: Sicily has been an arena for thousands of years, where civilizations have vied for dominance. And every people who have...
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Why You Should Visit Murano and Burano

Although Venice is one of the most visited cities  in Italy, the islands on the Venetian Lagoon (Burano and Murano) are also must-visit spots on our trip.
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Why should I visit Florence?

Florence is an stunning city but it has more that just architectural beauty. Here we are allowing ourselves to give you some of the many reasons to convince you on putting Florence as a MUST in your next trip.
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The End of the Season – Thank you!

We have had incredible trips, groups and people this year. Thanks for sharing great moments with us!
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Happy World Tourism Day

Ciao tutti!  Dawn Melissa here with another blog post just in time for World Tourism Day! What is World Tourism Day? Well it’s exactly what its name implies. It’s a day the world celebrates tourism! It’s a day that gives us the opportunity to boost awareness for the significance of tourism on a global spectrum....
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Different activities to see and enjoy Tuscany

Alterative ways to experience Tuscany

Tuscany is a beautiful region of Italy and is worth to visit. But what about doing different fun activities here? Check out our blog to know more about what you can do!
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Italian Valentine’s

Spend an amazing Valentine's in Italy and its romantic destinations. Why is it the best country to celebrate a day like this? Let us give you that answer here!
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Christmas Markets in Florence

Markets are well known in Germany, but it has become also a tradition in the rest of Europe and Italy of course participates in this.
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The Florence Market Scene

One of the best things about living in such a small and walkable city, in the ease of running into all kinds of open markets.  Who doesn’t love markets?   There is something about outdoor tents and locals peddaling their wares that epitomizes this Italian life, and I guess it’s only fair to share some...
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September Events

It seems that summer has come to a close before it even really began.  Aside from a few hot days that promised sultry skies and dripping humidity, it seems like autumn has been upon us for months.  The true perks of the season, however, are just coming into their own and bringing excitement for the...
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