Tuscany is never enough! It is one of the most beautiful twenty regions of Italy and even though nowadays it has become more popular thanks to its beautiful landscapes, there are different things that you can do other than just enjoying the views and history of this area.

It is one of the favorite destinations for tourists around the world and Florence is one of the most loved and visited cities in Italy. Tuscany is famous especially for its great art cities – in addition to Florence there are Siena, Arezzo, Pisa, Lucca but you should not forget the various towns that are rich in history and fascination that dot the entire regional territory, such as Volterra, the ancient Etruscan cities of Populonia and Vetulonia, San Gimignano just to mention a few. Also the medieval towns (some of the many you have). It is the rural life of Italy, far from the big cities, at another pace and to fully enjoy history, architecture, landscapes, art, and gastronomy.
Chianti is one of the most well-known areas of natural and scenic interest in Tuscany but in the region there are also parks and natural reserves for those who love nature: in the inner part are the park of the jungles of Casentino and the park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines; instead, on the coast there is the park of the Tuscan archipelago, the park of San Rossore and Massaciuccoli and the park of Maremma. Tuscany is also a synonym of great cuisine and exclusive wines; sports and shopping, in the boutiques of big fashion brands and the various craft shops.

So as you can see this beautiful region has a lot to offer you, so imagine seeing its spectacular sceneries while doing activities that would allow you to have a full experience of it and we are going to give you different options to enjoy Tuscany:

When it comes to gastronomy, we Italians feel pretty proud of it, so participating in the wine-making process is amazing but what about cooking in Tuscany!  And no wonder why. Our cuisine is linked to years of tradition and culture since the conservation of food has always been one of the great problems in the history of cooking. Many are the procedures that have been used over the centuries to maintain food from one year to another so being able to share our history through peoples palate with local traditional food, is something that makes the experience of knowing a country even more special.
For that reason we know that taking a cooking lesson in Tuscany, learning through the preparation of food, is so enjoyable not only for the process but also because at the end, of course, you get to taste delicious recipes prepared with your own hands!

You can enjoy Cooking Classes with us, where you would be able to get this amazing gastronomic skills with delicious local products for this Italian amazing recipes, so feel free to click on the link and get all details about it!

Enjoy an Italian cuisine lesson at a Rural Tuscan Villa
located in the Chianti:
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So after talking about the delicious Italian cuisine, let us talk about the Tuscan roads and here we would give you two other ways to get those incredible views that are typical of this area. Walking is always an option, but why not travel along this paths in an enjoyable horse ride, or by bike. Both ways would make you get the whole frame of this picturesque landscapes so it depends all on what you prefer and you would get to explore the Tuscan countryside in one of the most delightful ways!

So enjoy the slow rhythms of horseback ridings that we know they would be perfect for you to enjoy the amazing countryside!

Go for a horse ride with incredible views where you would be able to know about the area and our amazing local products.
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Though if you are more of a sports/adventurous person, then bike ridings in Tuscany are for you. What makes the views so special is the famous Tuscan hills that if you like the adrenaline, you would enjoy so much. Tuscany is most definitely not flat but the views at the top. They are such an accomplishment because those hills you get to coast down are definitely worth it.
But if you prefer speed, you can also make a road trip in the most Italian style. We are talking about Vespas or our famous Fiat 500. Renting one of this is an amazing experience and a perfect mix of fun with incredible sceneries you can only see here!


As we have already mentioned, the wine in Tuscany delicious since our as is known, here they produce some of the most exclusive wines of excellent quality. Its hills are covered with vineyards and part of the reason why its roads are so beautiful and it gives landscapes that you would not see on any other region. Tuscany has the widest variety of Italian wines but now, imagine how it would feel participating in the wine-making process. There is a specific period of the year when you can participate in the process.

We are talking about the Harvest Season! (this year in September).
The word means in Italian “Vendimia” which comes from the Latin vindemia, a word formed by vihum (wine) and demere (cut, remove), so it refers to the action of removing the grapes, picking them up, removing them, for the subsequent elaboration and consumption of the wine. It is a hallmark of the traditional vintage as it was a fundamental element in the winemaking of the first winegrowing villages because is the time for the Grape Stomping!. It is a wonderful way to learn a lot about the local wine & food traditions but also about the local culture. Those who have done it say that the atmosphere in a working winery is something definitely unique!

If you want to stomp some grapes, check our website to know dates and details so that you can book your spot for this amazing experience!
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Last but not least, what about seeing Tuscany from the top?
If you are all about the aerial views, you should start considering adding a hot air balloon experience on your bucket list! 
That feeling in your stomach that something new and unknown is waiting for us. It is probably the first sensation that a balloon travel will give us. Even before going up, even while we’re on our way to the meeting point. It is an absolutely normal feeling as we go to an activity of which we know almost nothing. That feeling that many will call nerves and we have called “the taste of adventure” for its positive connotations.

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So as you can see, there are many different ways to see this incredible region of Italy that’s full of color, taste, history, and tradition.
No matter how many times you have been here, there is always a new way for you to discover more from Tuscany and you can enjoy many of these activities with us. We are always going to make sure that you have a blast with us!

Visit our website to check all these incredible options to experience not only Tuscany but the whole country!


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