Top 5 Foods You Need to Try in Florence

Florence is known as the city of art and its charm continues to enchant tourists that flock to the Tuscan capital. Not only does the city have an array of museums, landmarks, and cultural activities, but it also boasts its own cuisine with tons of delicious foods to taste! You can’t leave Florence without trying...
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18-35 and Beyond

We recently had a discussion about the fact that we promote for the youth market 18-35 years old.  What does this mean?  Does it mean that you have just had your 36th birthday so you had better look elsewhere or that you won’t be welcome if you are a more seasoned traveler?  That we’re going...
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The Importance of the Social Network for Small Tour Companies

So you’ve taken a tour with us.  You loved it and have made lots of new friends and memories and now it’s time to move on, right?  Wait just a minute!  We need your help! It’s a tough world for small business and small tour operators.  Even though the product is excellent, we just don’t...
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