We recently had a discussion about the fact that we promote for the youth market 18-35 years old.  What does this mean?  Does it mean that you have just had your 36th birthday so you had better look elsewhere or that you won’t be welcome if you are a more seasoned traveler?  That we’re going to card you at the door?  No way!  It means that we a have a general audience of students, backpackers, solo travelers, etc. that often fall into this category.  We welcome anyone who wants to join our tours knowing that we will have small groups that are often between 18-35, or at least young at heart.  Will everyone want to join our tours?  Probably not.  We don’t do tours that children would enjoy, but then again I don’t know that children enjoy tours anyways.  And maybe there are those who don’t want to go with a group of 18-35 year olds, regardless of how well-behaved, and that’s okay.

Our tours are experiences of Italian culture and gastronomy.  We see beautiful places, eat typical foods and taste typical wines.  There are no body shots, no wild raves in the van and no screaming along to the lyrics of Justin Bieber or some other teen-pop (that usually happens in the privacy of our own homes).  There is an idea that representing the youth market means that rowdy kids are passing out all over each other in their attempt to outdo one another in shot-taking abilities.  Not so.  It simply means that we do tours that young travelers love.  Students and backpackers alike often make lifetime friendships or at least a little company for the road when they spend a day with us.  Jokes, laughs, smiles abound and if that is your style, instead of isolated in your seats on a huge tourist bus, then please, join us.

There are a ton of tour companies out there.  We are small and we offer something different, something for those on a budget, something for a younger crowd.  We operate within a framework of the youth market because we want people to come and be able to connect with others who share the same interests, lifestyles and traveling styles.  18-35 is an idea, a calling card for those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to see Italy in a new way and with a reasonable price, and with others who are in the same frame of mind.  And we just might be singing in our snug van, but probably to Michael Jackson. 😉

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