Top 5 Foods You Need to Try in Florence

Florence is known as the city of art and its charm continues to enchant tourists that flock to the Tuscan capital. Not only does the city have an array of museums, landmarks, and cultural activities, but it also boasts its own cuisine with tons of delicious foods to taste! You can’t leave Florence without trying...
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How do Italians celebrate Christmas Holidays?

Italy is known for being a country full of history, so that allows it to have also many traditions and the Christmas ones must not be missed. Check out what we do in Italy for the holidays, and come to live and see them when your own eyes!
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Olio e Vino- Oil and Wine

‘Tis the season here in Florence, for olio nuovo or ‘new oil’.  It’s the time of year when the olive harvest or Raccolta is happening and that delicious dark green olive oil is making its appearance at festivals and in shops.  This stuff is liquid, well, green but it is the best of the best. ...
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