‘Tis the season here in Florence, for olio nuovo or ‘new oil’.  It’s the time of year when the olive harvest or Raccolta is happening and that delicious dark green olive oil is making its appearance at festivals and in shops.  This stuff is liquid, well, green but it is the best of the best.  Poured over toasted rounds of bread or drizzled on ribollita or tepid bowls of soup, you can’t really go wrong.  And no olive oil tasting is complete without a glass of new wine fresh from the grape harvest.  This is a perfect way to combat dark and gloomy days and the colder and colder temperatures.

Various towns in Tuscany are having food festivals or sagre with seasonal products such as chestnuts, truffles, oil and wine, polenta, wild boar and porcini mushrooms, to name but a few.  These festivals are a great way to spend wintery days while waiting for warmer weather to return.  We are also still running some wine tasting tours and forays into the Tuscan villages, so if you are here enjoying food and wine at the peak of this season, keep us in mind. 🙂

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